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450 grams



Goat Whole Milk Powder, Inulin, Cholecalciferol


Fresco Nutrition's Goat Milk + Fibre is made from whole

goats' milk powder, and is a healthy drink for the whole

family. Use as a replacement for cows' milk, in cooking

or baking, or wherever milk is normally used.

To make goat milk even better, we've added a

type of fibre called Inulin, which is a carbohydrate

made from the root of the chicory plant. Although

dairy products have many health benets, they

contain virtually no fibre.

Adding fibre to goat milk powder is a great way to

boost an essential nutrient. Dietary Fibre can help

maintain natural function of intestines.

Goat milk is a natural source of A2 protein.

Enriching our goat milk with Vitamin D is a way to help

your body absorb calcium and helps maintain the

health of bone and teeth.

Goat Milk + Fibre

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